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Talking Hands Talking Feet has developed curriculum based performing arts programs since 2001 with over 4000 children in four states. These national programs are becoming primarily web-based. Educators can download songs, instructional dance videos and lesson plans to fit their curriculum needs at Songs To Educate .com.

Talking Hands Talking Feet continues to work in the local community as well, developing new curriculum based performing arts school programs, recording music and dances, teaching at the Humming Grove Studio (THTF studio) and working with teachers in professional development.

Talking Hands Talking Feet is a whole human theater experience, integrating music, story and verse, movement expression, rhythm and coordination, humor and humanity. The developmental benefits have proven themselves over and over again.

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Talking Hands Talking Feet is an Arts Integrated Education Resource for children of the 21st century. It assists teachers and parents to provide experiential learning processes for children in the context of a vibrant range of relevant subjects through the enhanced media of music and movement.


Talking Hands Talking Feet creates a rich and varied range of curriculum based inspired education songs with accompanying movements and instruction for educators and families to encourage arts integrated connective learning processes in children (ages birth -adolescence). Our mission is to be a versatile resource for educators nationally and worldwide.


Talking Hands Talking Feet content, character and methodology comes out of a deep value for humanity, the natural worlds and the sanctity and unique potential of each human life in development.

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Our Aims and Purposes

To provide vital experience that demonstrates the value of the arts as essential to development and education.

To create pathways of connection and learning through the media of integrated music, dance and story theater.

To encourage and promote individual and ensemble genius and virtuosity.

To generate the essence of discovery fortified with natural research ways in the love of the pursuit of truth.

To engender genuine belief and confidence in oneself.

To engender tolerance, compassion and flexibility in working together with others.

To encourage bold and versatile expression with quality content.

To foster value and respect for oneself, one’s body, one’s family and one’s community life.

To provide an ecology of safety and encouragement to the inner life of each person in respect and discovery of their natural inclinations.

To help develop skill and confidence in communication and human theater arts.

To generate fun and inspiring process oriented work that promotes uninhibited creativity and ability to respond.

To sponsor multiple learning modalities.

To encourage a spirit of generosity and service.